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  执行策展:茱莉娅?戈蕾什 、 潘奕霏





  Artist:Chai Mi

  Dance Artist: Ou kai & Lin Xunchi

  Curator:Wang Xu

  Executive Curator:Julia Golysh, Pan Yifei

  Exhibition Period:June 5 - July 1

  Location: Snarte Space, 1807 Gaoxin Avenue, Nanchang


  时间和空间是不应该分割的概念。没有人能够真正解释我们面前的图像。当我们抛弃原有成见, 才能开始寻找图像中的符号和意义从而重新构建认知逻辑。

  这些录像作品,每一个都源自一个真实的现场演出, 影像中的影像亦是虚拟的演员。情节的展开由观看者(人)、表演者(人)、动物影像、空间影像、所在空间与光影之间的真实互动关系建立。它们被安置在空间里进行无限的循环播放,制造场域性的铺设,力图形成一种时空对时空的入侵, 观看与被观看的开放式关系。通过建立平行空间式的时空包裹引发观者认知上暂时性的错乱, 激发意识解放, 任想象穿梭于现实与虚幻, 历史当下与未来的之间,在混沌中产生相关概念的检索和共情, 重启出新的认知。该系列作品的构建基础是人与动物概念图形化关系后共谋所得的数学模型。录像的素材基于艺术家的自创的具有实时性和生长性的影音剧场项目《困生》, 该项目由艺术家柴觅设计、导演和推动, 演出结合了当代舞, 实时影像和声音技术、空间装置等,曾在多个非营利艺术机构面向公众呈现。每一部录像作品的名称都包含演出所发生的日期。


  Spacetime Illusion Video Series

  The concepts of time and space are should not be divided。 No one can really explain the image in front of us。 Only abandoning our prejudice, one can see a sign-meaning and symbol-meaning of an image, thus reconstructing the cognitive logic。

  Each of these video works originates from a real live performance, while the images are virtual actors。 The plot is developed on the basis of the interaction between viewers (people), performers (people), animal images, space images, light, and shadow。 They are placed in a space to circulate an infinite transmission and to form an open relationship between time and space, beholder and someone who is watched。 By creating a parallel space type of space-time package, the viewer‘s cognition can be temporarily confused, the consciousness is liberated, and the imagination is shuttled between reality and illusion, between the past, present, and future。 The cognition can be restarted by producing a concept of empathy in chaos。 This series of works is based on the graphical relationships between humans and animals, and, as a result, on the mathematical model of these relationships。 The material of the video is based on the live ongoing audiovisual theater project “CAPTURED CREATURES”。 The project was initiated, designed and directed by artist Chai Mi。 The performance combines contemporary dance, real-time video, sound technology, and site installation。 It was presented to the public at various non-profit arts organizations。 The title of each video work contains the date of the performance。

  Video quantity: 3

编号20151129 录像截图编号20151129 录像截图



  年代: 2016

  尺寸: 1920x1080

  片长: 17分50秒

  表演发生在16世纪的法国古董建筑“House of Henri II”内,曾为当时市长Hugues Pontard的豪宅(1567年),也是CENTRE INTERMONDES 艺术中心所在地。演出发生在主建筑一楼的长廊里,长廊左侧有个接近正方形的空间, 里面堆了一些石块,老建筑的部分破损材料,表演就发生在这些石头残骸上。合作舞者: 郭睿 (男性、中国)

  Spacetime illusion No.20151129


  Year: 2016

  Dimension: 1920x1080

  Duration: 17 min 50 sec

  The performance was held in the 16th-century ancient French building “House of Henri II”。 Back then it belonged to mayor Hugues Pontard (1567) and was a seat of the CENTRE INTERMONDES。 The performance took place at the gallery on the first floor of the main building。 The part of the building was damaged。 There was a heap of stones on the left side of the gallery。 And the performance took place right on these stone remains。 Collaborated dance artist: Guo Rui (male, China)。

编号20161123 录像截图编号20161123 录像截图



  年代: 2017

  尺寸: 1920x1080

  片长: 27分20秒

  表演发生在法国拉罗谢尔大学剧场内,合作舞者: Jennifer Macavinta (女性、美国)

  Spacetime illusion No.20161123


  Year: 2017

  Dimension: 1920x1080

  Duration: 27 min 20 sec

  The performance took place in the theatre of the University of La Rochelle, France。 Collaborated dance artist: Jennifer Macavinta (female, USA)。

编号20180603 录像截图编号20180603 录像截图



  英文名称: Spacetime illusion No.20180603




  表演发生在位于南昌的非营利艺术空间 Snarte Space,一个白色空间。演出使用了荧光胶带界定不同段落的表演区域,会随着演出时间的推延渐渐消失。合作舞者:欧凯(男性、中国)、林宣池(女性、中国),两位舞者同在南昌大学任教舞蹈专业,在日常生活中为夫妻关系。

  Spacetime illusion No.20180603


  Year: 2018

  Dimension: 1920x960

  Duration: 30 min 55 sec

  The performance took place at Snarte Space, the non-profit art space located in Nanchang。 The fluorescent tape was used to define the area for different performance’s phase, which slowly fades and eventually disappears during the performance。 Collaborated dance artist:  Ou Kai (male, China), Lin Xuanchi (female, China)。 They are dance teachers at Nanchang University and married in real life。

  装置作品|夜光词  Night Light



  艺术家将三篇短文印制在合成夜光材料的纸上。通过吸收光线,才能使夜光纸发光并将文字在黑暗中反衬出来,然而随着时间的流逝,和光照的减少,夜光纸将暗淡下去,文字也将变得不易见或在黑暗中不可见,在光照充足的情况下,夜光纸上的文字将再次显现,如此反复,构成一件可以随时间和环境变化的作品。三篇短文分别来自《伊索寓言》、《飞鸟集》和《彩图集》三本广为流传的文集。它们分别出现于公元前6世纪、20世纪初和19世纪中后期,确意外的在字面上产生了互相关联,共同提及了多重的意向,在结构上也形成了一个有趣的串联以及回路。文1来自《伊索寓言》描述了人与兽神话式的渊源;文2选自《飞鸟集》,通过观感显现了人与兽的区别;文3摘录于《彩图集》,随着潜意识般的描述呈现出人与兽之间混沌不明的牵扯。从神话传说、到人类情感、再到梦境般的神秘描绘,千百年来这些文字被不断的书写、编写和流传,在不同的时代传达着并不一定相同的含义。这三首诗的发现源于在创作 时空幻象《困生》系列作品时的阅读摘抄,对于艺术家来说它们如同思想的夜灯,成为深夜里灵感的向导。

  本次在SNARTE SPACE的展览,是该作品的首次曝光。

  Night Light


  Medium: printing ink, paper, luminous material

  Quantity: 3

  Artist has printed three short essays on an aluminous material。 Absorbing the light, the luminous paper can shine, and make a text be seen in the dark。 However, with the passage of time, the luminous paper is fading, and the text becomes invisible。 When the light is sufficient again, the text will appear, creating the concept that can change with time and environment。 Three short essays are selected from the collection works such as Aesop‘s Fables, Stray Birds, and Illuminations。 They were written in different time periods: the 6th century BC, the early 20th century, and the late 19th century。 Text One is from “Aesop’s Fables”, describes the source of human and animal myths; Text Two is selected from the “Stray Birds ”, and shows the difference between human and animal through the observations; Text Three was taken from poetry collection “Illuminations”, and presents a chaotic relationship between humans and animals。 Starting from legends, myths, human emotions, dreams, these words have circulated for centuries, do not necessarily remains the same meaning。 As part of the Spacetime Illusion “Captured Creatures” project, these three poems are like the night light of thoughts, become an inspiration guide in the night。

  The installation is exhibited for the first time at Snarte Space。

  展览现场 | Exhibition View


  柴觅, 1985年生人,作为活跃的年轻一代多媒体艺术家现生活和工作于北京,近年常穿梭于世界各地。她的艺术实践涉及多种媒介,包括绘画、动画、装置、现场演出等。近期柴觅的实验影像和影音剧场作品获得颇多关注, 其作品曾入选众多国际影像展包括法国昂西动画节、德国斯图加特动画节、美国圣路易斯国际电影节、芬兰赫尔辛基艺术节等。她独创的演出项目融合多种艺术形式,曾在中国瑞典音乐节、上海国际艺术节、加拿大魁北克动画电影高峰会议、萨格勒布国际动画节、以及韩国WCO 首尔部组织的W-STAGE等活动中呈现。

  近期荣誉:于2016年受邀在法国Centre Intermondes 艺术中心举办她在法国的首个个人展览,并在同期举行的拉罗谢尔中国电影节上呈现她最新的影音剧场项目《困生》。于2017年获得 CivitellaRanieri 基金会视觉艺术家奖学金,该项目从1995年开始资助全世界各国具有一定资质的艺术家、作家和音乐家,曾经资助的中国作家及艺术家包括:北岛、多多、西川、徐冰等,受邀于2018年六月赴意大利罗马近郊的古堡进行一个月的驻地生活及创作。


  Born in 1985, Chai Mi currently lives and works in Beijing。 ChaiMi‘s fine art practice involves a range of media, including painting, installation, video and live performance。 Her works have been shown at many art museums, cultural organizations, film festival and music festival nationally and internationally。 In recent years, her animated shorts and theater artwork have received much attention。 She performed these projects at the Chinese and Swedish Music Festival, Shanghai International Arts Festival, Quebec Animation Film Summit, Zagreb International Animation Festival and the W-STAGE project organized by WCO in Seoul。

  Recent honor: Be invited in 2016 by Centre Intermondes Art Center to held her first exhibition in France, showing her latest audio-visual theater project ‘Captured Creatrues’ at the opening ceremony of La Rochelle Chinese Film Festival。 In 2017, she got the Civitella Ranieri foundation visual artist fellowship, the foundation which based on New York city started to support visual artists,writers and musicians from different countries, in 1995。 Famous Chinese artists and writers got the same honor in past include Xi Chuan, Bei Dao, Duo Duo, Xu Bing, Sun Xun etc。




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